"The Landmark Wholesale Family is an extraordinarily close-knit, vibrant and unique Wholesale operation." - Martin Williams Managing Director

The Landmark Wholesale Family

The Landmark Wholesale Group was formed in 1972 to provide a centralised Trading and Marketing operation on behalf of Independent Wholesalers. We were founded on the principles of Professionalism, Integrity and Technology and our Business philosophy remains the same to this day.

For 45 years, we have worked consistently for the benefit of our Independent Customers and are recognised as ‘the Independent Group for Independents’.

This is summed up in our mission statement: “to be the Wholesaler of choice by harnessing the collective strength of the Group and providing an outstanding service for our Customers.”

Over the years, the Group has grown steadily and, today, has a turnover of nearly £3bn with Members throughout the UK. We are one of the UK’s largest Wholesalers, wielding massive buying power, with which we negotiate excellent Terms for our Members.

All transactions are recorded in open book Accounts with no Member receiving preferential Terms, irrespective of size. All negotiations and revenues raised are completely transparent and freely available for all of our Members to review.

New Members are welcomed into the Group when they have proved that they run a successful, robust operation, that has a healthy and assured future. In addition, all Members must demonstrate entrepreneurial flair and a progressive Business attitude.

The clarity of accounting within the Group, together with the like-minded attitudes of our Members, has created an extraordinarily close-knit, vibrant and unique Wholesale operation. We are confident that the foundations that we have laid will keep Landmark Wholesale at the forefront of our Sector and that the Group will continue to be a major player in the marketplace for many more years to come.

"We are founded on our three core values: Professionalism, Integrity and Technology."

Everyone at Landmark Wholesale is committed to the future of the Independent Sector. We work tirelessly to ensure its prosperity, whilst keeping a consistent focus on the Group’s core values: Professionalism, Integrity and Technology.

The Landmark Wholesale Central Office provides the platform for our continued success: excellent Terms and overriders; strong promotional packages; superb Own Brand ranges; the Industry leading Lifestyle Express Retail Development Programme and the state-of-the-art Insight data management system.

Our Members provide their Customers with the very highest standards of service through an in-depth understanding of their Business needs and a thorough knowledge of the local Business community.