Prince Consort Vodka Counterfeit Product Warning

We are aware that there are counterfeit stocks of Prince Consort Vodka in Stores and Off Licences around the UK. This stock is illegal and is a serious health threat to anybody who consumes the liquid.

The only way to purchase legitimate Prince Consort Vodka is from your local Landmark Wholesaler.

Legitimate Prince Consort Vodka has the following identification marks.

1) Legal Duty Stamp - Legitimate stamps glow under ultraviolet light

2) GCBW - Etched into the base of the bottle

3) Lot Code - Appears on the bottom of the bottle side beginning with "L"

If your stock does not have these three identification marks, please remove it from your shelves immediately and report it to your local Trading Standards authority.

Please contact your local Landmark Wholesale Member Depot for further information.

Prince Consort Vodka Counterfeit Product Warning