Own Brands

Landmark Wholesale has been widely acknowledged as a leading operator of Own Brands in the Wholesale Sector with ranges across all key Categories:

Lifestyle, Lifestyle Value, White Storm, Black Storm, Eridge Vale, LSV, Vintners Collection, The Shallows, Don Fabian Rioja, Santa Loretta Prosecco, Bellarini, Ocean Star, Prince Consort, V*dgrad, Delegate, Cool Characters, Sweet Characters, Caterers Kitchen and Caterers Kitchen Everyday.

All products offer the consumer “Great Value Everyday” whilst giving excellent profit margins for Members, Retailers and Caterers.

Lifestyle Own Brand revolutionised the Wholesale Own Brand Sector when it was introduced in 1987. Lifestyle is much more than a Retail Own Brand, it is also a Retail Store Fascia Programme, under which Independent Retailers can develop their Businesses. Lifestyle Own Brand offers Landmark Wholesale Customers a point of difference, an opportunity to build loyalty and offer a quality, low price alternative to the major Brands.

Lifestyle Value is our economy range of everyday Grocery and Non Food products which complements the Lifestyle Brand and ensures we have the best prices in the market, every day of the year.

The LSV Sport and Energy Drinks range has been hugely successful since its launch into this very buoyant Sector and now has products within the Energy, Isotonic and Glucose sub-Categories.

Our extensive Licensed range includes White Storm, Black Storm and Eridge Vale ciders. Our Prince Consort spirits range includes Whisky, Gin, Vodka, Brandy, White Rum and Dark Rum all offering top Brand quality at affordable prices.

The extensive Vintners Collection range of wines has won numerous Awards including medals and commendations in The International Wine Challenge and a Wholesale Quality Food & Drink Award in 2013. The portfolio draws wines from Italy, California, South Africa, Argentina, Australia and Chile.

Wines can be confusing to choose, and that’s why we have done the hard work for you, bringing all the trusted favourites like Merlot, as well as popular new varieties like Pinot Grigio, under one delicious label.

Our Premium Wines consist of The Shallows, which is a Sauvignon Blanc from the Nelson region of New Zealand, Don Fabian Rioja Spanish Wine and Santa Loretta Prosecco from Italy, that all give you the opportunity to offer high quality Wines at extremely attractive prices.

Bellarini our slightly Sparking Perry and V*DGrad, our very popular light spirit, also offer amazing value.

Children’s products include Cool Characters and a full range of Sweet Characters confectionery.

Own Brands