• Massive Value Own Brand push to help Independent Retailers

    2nd January 2012 Landmark Wholesale is launching a massive push on Lifestyle Value Own Brand products in 2012. The push starts with an integrated campaign giving Retailers 35%+ POR on all Lifestyle Value products. Read more >
  • Landmark Wholesale Sales Success

    23rd December 2011 Landmark Wholesale's sales in November were up by 7.7% overall; year to date sales rose by 9.6%. Sales of Licensed goods rose by 11.7% (YTD +16.3%) and Cigarettes by 10.6% (YTD +8.1%). Own Brand sales as a whole were very strong rising by 35% with year-to-date sales 27% ahead. Sales of Own Brand Licensed products also performed well and were 49% up. Own Brand Licensed goods and LSV energy drinks made significant contributions at 66% and 34% ahead for the month respectively. Read more >
  • Prestigious Award for Medina Dairies

    16th December 2011 Recent Landmark Wholesale recruit, Medina Dairies won the Award for the Best UK Family Business at the 2011 Food and Farming Industry Awards which took place at the House of Commons on the 9th December. Read more >