• February Growth for Landmark Wholesale Own Brands

    13th March 2012 Landmark Wholesale had another good month for Own Brand in February with sales into depots increasing by 35.7% compared with the same month in 2011 - total Own Brand sales at the end of February were up by 28.4% for the financial year to date from May 2011 (YTD) compared with the previous year. Read more >
  • Non PM LSV Glucose Orange Launched

    7th March 2012 Landmark Wholesale has launched a new addition to its highly successful Sport and Energy Drinks range with the introduction of a non-price marked version of LSV Glucose Orange 380ml bottle; LSV Glucose Orange joins LSV Isotonic Orange 500ml bottle and LSV Energy 250ml can in the expanding range of non-price marked packs. Read more >
  • January Sales at Landmark Wholesale Keep Up Momentum

    7th March 2012 January sales into Depots for Landmark Wholesale Members were up by 32.1% compared with the same January 2011; Own Brand sales were also very strong rising by 25.8% for the month. Overall sales for their financial year to date from May 2011 rose by 11.6%. Read more >