Landmark Trading Committees

The Landmark Wholesale Group is constantly reviewing Terms, evaluating new products and agreeing promotions. Members are represented at all of the twenty six Landmark Wholesale Trading Committee meetings. Landmark Wholesale is recognised as the most professional Trading organisation within the Industry.

Landmark Wholesale provides Special Offers every three weeks, which are communicated through the Retailer Counter Attack and Caterer Specials leaflets. These regular promotions have given Independent Retailers the means to offer special deals every week of the year, on a broad range of Branded and Own Brand lines. Caterers also have access to a promotional package, which is sent out to over 50,000 Landmark Wholesale Caterer Customers.

Landmark Trading Committees

"Landmark Trading Committees are recognised as the most professional in the Industry."

The Retailer Celebrations promotion appears In-Depots 4 times during the year and features heavily promoted big Brands for both Retailer and Consumer.

Celebrations gives Retailers a genuine opportunity to compete with the Major Multiples and has a proven track record of substantially increasing Sales of promoted lines, as well as driving Store traffic. We also offer additional promotional activity at key Trading periods such as Easter and Christmas.