Landmark Insight

Landmark Insight

Landmark Wholesale leads the field in Wholesaling information technology, having committed substantial resources and a huge capital investment over a period of many years. Our IT package has been developed and refined so that it now delivers real Business benefits for our Members and Suppliers.

Internet-based communications allow Members to be constantly linked to Central Office giving two-way transmission of bulletins, Trading information and Sales and purchase data. Landmark’s Insight information system is a priceless tool that enables us to understand the habits of our Customers and plan accordingly. It gives us a clear view of our performance that we can benchmark against our competitors. Thus, our decision making is fully informed.

Landmark Insight provides us with consolidated point of Sale reporting, taking Sales information from all Member tilling systems, to produce analysis and insight on Sales performance by Category, product, manufacturer, Customer, Brand and outlet. These Reports enable us to assess: current distribution and rate of Sale; new Customer opportunities and Customer behaviour; promotional performance; new product launches and Category drivers; the impact of advertising and merchandising; linked purchase opportunities and overall marketplace trends.

"Landmark Insight leads the field in Wholesale information technology."

"Landmark Insight helps us to improve our performance by understanding our Customers better."

Landmark Wholesale was the first Wholesaler to recognise that there is an inherent monetary value in this type of information. It is packaged and made available to Suppliers who also want to understand Sales performance within the Wholesale Sector and, in particular, their own product portfolio:

  • Supplier performance vs competitors
    vs Category
  • SKU performance vs competitors
  • Promotion analysis
  • New line performance
  • Merchandising impact
  • Distribution analysis
  • Sales out information

Landmark Insight enables partnerships with all Suppliers and empowers Category and Joint Business Planning.


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