Own Brands

Value Zone

Recent research by him! showed that Retailers trust their Wholesaler for impartial advice. Most want to know whatís selling well and how to increase their Sales, yet only 50% know what products are Top Sellers and 28% of Retailers said that they didnít notice any P.O.S. in Depots.

To address these issues in Landmark Wholesale Depots,we have been working hard with Landmark Wholesale Members to simplify the In-Depot shopping experience for Retailers. We are using Value Zone P.O.S., together with a handy Shopping List to highlight every single one of our Core Range Own Brand products.

Great Value Everyday

Great Value Everyday

As a result of a Customer journey study, P.O.S. and promotional material is now concentrated in 3 key areas: reception; Depot entrance; and next to each Core Range Own Brand Product as you shop through the Depot. There is a consistent message, look and feel to all of our P.O.S., to help recognition throughout the Depot. Our Great Value Everyday Own Brand products are displayed prominently in Value Zones to maximise visibility and ensure that each Retailer has a good Own Brand and Value Own Brand offering. A key area for the Convenience Sector according to the him! research.

"Our Own Brand ranges enable Independents to compete on price effectively."