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Caterers urged to warm up their offering

As the colder months set in, Landmark Wholesale is encouraging caterers to stock up on its range of warming Caterers Kitchen soups.

The range is made up of firm family favourites such as chicken, leek, minestrone, mushroom, tomato and vegetable and all are MSG free and meet salt guidelines. All flavours are available in 2.25kg packs, making between 140 and 180 portions.

“Caterers can expect to make a minimum 90% gross profit on this range which offers fantastic value for money and a high-margin opportunity for those wanting to offer customers delicious winter warmers now the temperatures have dropped,” said Les Mohammed, Foodservice Trading Controller, Landmark Wholesale. “We developed the range to include all the tried-and-tested crowd pleasing flavours to make sure that caterers have a variety of options as we head into the festive period.”

Caterers Kitchen soups are available exclusively from Landmark Wholesale foodservice member depots. For more information or to find your local depot, view Our Members