Store doubles turnover after relaunch as Lifestyle Express

A convenience store in Kings Norton, Birmingham has doubled its turnover after relaunching as Lifestyle Express less than six months ago.

After retailer Mohammed Amjad Niaz struggled to increase footfall and faced dwindling sales, he decided to take drastic action and turned to Lifestyle Express to reverse his fortunes. Since he opened his doors as a Lifestyle Express in September, his average weekly turnover has more than doubled and is still rising.

“We were really struggling to get people through the doors,” said Mohammed. “It was a real challenge and I came very close to closing the store for good. No matter what we tried, it just didn’t seem to work and I was at rock bottom. I decided to give it one last push and contacted Lifestyle Express after my brother recommended them. He’d had a store with Lifestyle Express for two years and had had a really good experience. I contacted the team and they couldn’t have been more helpful.

“The team helped me to redesign the store layout with the addition of a brand-new off-licence. Shoppers have been swarming in since we’ve reopened and I’ve had great feedback from customers who love the new look and feel of the store and our new off-licence.”

Stuart Johnson, Retail Controller at Landmark Wholesale, said: “We are delighted by the success Mohammed has experienced since relaunching as Lifestyle Express. With Lifestyle Express, retailers gain much more than just a well-known and well-trusted fascia, they benefit from the invaluable knowledge and experience of a team with decades of experience in this sector.”

Lifestyle Express has recently launched a brand-new website, which is packed full of helpful tips and resources for retailers. For more information about Lifestyle Express or to check out the new website, please visit:

Landmark advises retailers ahead of the Soft Drinks Industry Levy

Landmark Wholesale is advising retailers to understand and prepare for the shift towards the low-sugar drinks category ahead of the introduction of the Soft Drinks Industry Levy (SDIL) on Friday 6 April 2018.

The SDIL has been introduced by the government to encourage soft drinks manufacturers to reduce the amount of added sugar in soft drinks to provide healthier choices for consumers.

There are two bands proposed in the levy: one applies to soft drinks with five or more grams of sugar per 100ml; the second applies to soft drinks with a sugar content over eight grams per 100ml. Pure fruit juices and milk-based drinks, as well as those below the sugar content threshold, are exempt.

As an example, Coca-Cola 1.5ltr will be priced at £1.99 or 3 for £3.30 after the levy, whereas Monster Origin 500ml will have a new price mark of £1.35. Additionally, Pepsi Regular 2ltr will be priced at £2.09 and Red Bull 250ml will have a new price mark of £1.29 following the levy.

The low-sugar drinks market is currently worth more than £460m in the convenience sector and is expected to reach £575m by 2019 as a result of the levy.

John Mills, Managing Director of Landmark Wholesale (pictured), commented: “Retailers should view the SDIL as a positive, mainly because it provides a great opportunity to review the mix of full and low sugar drinks and increase their sales.

“As the SDIL is to encourage consumers to choose low or sugar-free soft drinks to benefit their health, retailers should expect to see a rise in demand for low- and no-sugar drinks and consumers switching to other options like still and sparkling water and flavoured water. Independent retailers are already seeing the fastest growth of low-sugar soft drink sales, with a rise of 12.1% compared to 7.8% in the overall market.

“If you haven’t already, start thinking now about layout, range and stock so that you’re prepared for when the levy takes effect. Essentially, it’s recommended that you stock a wide range of zero- and low-sugar products in addition to core range full-sugar drinks.

“Many manufacturers have already reformulated products so the sugar levy doesn’t impact them, but some favourite products with a high sugar content such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi will be affected and experience a price increase as a result. So, it’s also important to be prepared to explain the SDIL and what it means to your customers who are likely to question price rises of sugary drinks.”

The levy is expected to raise around £385 million a year, which will be invested in giving school-aged children a brighter and healthier future, including programmes to encourage physical and balanced diets.

Landmark and its members have pulled together a one-page advisory communication for customers explaining the changes and the cost impact on different-sized cans and bottles.

New Lifestyle Express store proves to be a hit

A brand-new Lifestyle Express store in Walsall is already enjoying a £10,000 weekly turnover after opening just six months ago.

After opening the store on Birmingham Road, Walsall last year, it now employs three members of staff and features key services including a free ATM machine, a hot and cold deli counter and a hot drinks-to-go counter.

The store has also recently received its license to sell alcohol which has seen sales increase by 20 per cent.

“We’re delighted with how the first six months have gone,” commented store owner Salah Sedawi. “Our weekly turnover has already reached £10,000 which we envisage will have grown even more by the end of 2018, by which time we plan to have employed at least one extra member of staff.

“My store manager Rose was very quick to find ways to exceed local customers’ expectations. She’s always looking for products and services they can’t get elsewhere, such as our in-store bakery which has been incredibly well received by customers who come in daily for their freshly baked bread, croissants and other baked goods.”

Store manager Rose Rickett (pictured) agrees: “We’re grateful for every customer that chooses to shop with us and I want to reward their loyalty so I’m always looking for ways to help them or make their shopping experience better, such as creating small fruit trays for elderly customers or offering a delivery service for our in-store bakery.”

“The Lifestyle Express team have been hugely helpful in the opening of our store, too. When it came to choosing which symbol group to go with, Lifestyle Express stood out as the obvious choice. And our faith has paid off, it’s been a great experience.”

Stuart Johnson, Retail Controller, Landmark Wholesale, commented: “We are thrilled, although unsurprised, by the success of Salah and Rose’s first six months. Their success is a great example of how recognising points of difference against nearby competition is a key way of gaining a loyal customer base.”

Lifestyle Express has recently launched a brand-new website, which is packed full of helpful tips and resources for retailers. For more information about Lifestyle Express or to check out the new website, please visit:

Landmark Wholesale reveals tasty new look for chocolate range

Landmark Wholesale is delighted to reveal a brand-new look for its chocolate range, launching February 2018.

Price marked at just 60p per 100g bar, Landmark’s chocolate range includes firm favourites such as milk chocolate, white chocolate and a new dark chocolate bar.

The rebrand includes a more contemporary label to appeal to consumers and follows Landmark’s decision to move the production of the bars back to the UK.

“We decided to move production of the chocolate to the UK due to the widespread support of British made products, and so it felt like the perfect time to refresh the range’s look,” said Jon Burton, Senior Trading Controller, Landmark Wholesale. “The range features great tasting chocolate but now with a fresh, contemporary look and we are confident it will be very well received.”

For more information please contact your local Landmark Wholesale member depot, or use our map to find your nearest depot.

Landmark Wholesale launches new-look Vintners Collection wine range

Landmark Wholesale is encouraging retailers to stock up on its Vintners Collection range of wines, which has recently been relaunched with a brand-new look.

Available to consumers for less than £6 per bottle, the range has been redesigned to feature a more contemporary label. The Vintners Collection wine range includes all the tried and tested favourites, including a fresh Italian Pinot Grigio, smooth Argentinian Malbec, zesty Chilean Sauvignon Blanc and refreshing Californian White Zinfandel.

The company has seen sales of the Vintners Collection wine range grow following the relaunch, which took place in the final quarter of 2017. With 12 wines across six countries and 10 varieties of grape, the Vintners Collection provides retailers with the majority of wines their shoppers are likely to be looking for.

“The range features the same great-tasting wine but now with a fresh, contemporary look,” commented Jon Burton, Senior Trading Controller, Landmark Wholesale. “We redesigned the look of the wines with consumers firmly in mind and we are delighted to have received positive feedback on the new, modern look of the wine from retailers and consumers alike.”

Landmark Wholesale kicks off 2018 with another new member

Landmark Wholesale will start 2018 in style with another new member joining from 1 January.

Plassey Food is an Irish family-owned delivered foodservice business, providing a wide range of fresh, frozen and ambient products across the south of Ireland. Founded in 1989 and based just outside Limerick, Plassey Food employs 95 members of staff and prides itself on being a ‘one-stop shop’ for its foodservice members.

Plassey Food joins Landmark at the same time as Fairway Foodservice and becomes Landmark’s 40th member.

“We are really looking forward to being part of Landmark Wholesale,” said Tom Magner, Plassey Food sales director. “We have big expansion plans for the business and the support of Landmark with its quality own brand will be invaluable. We endeavour to deliver great value and a fantastic product range to our customers and we will benefit greatly by being part of a buying group with such strong foundations as Landmark.”

John Mills, Landmark Wholesale managing director agreed: “We’re thrilled to welcome Plassey Food to the Landmark Wholesale family and look forward to working together for our mutual benefit.”

For more information about Plassey Food visit

Leading buying group Fairway Foodservice joins Landmark Wholesale

Leading foodservice buying group Fairway Foodservice is joining Landmark Wholesale from 1 January 2018.

With 20 members across the UK, Ireland and Spain, Fairway Foodservice becomes Landmark’s 39th member, taking Landmark’s total member depots to more than 100 and its foodservice sales to £1.7bn per year.

Fairway Foodservice is a buying and marketing organisation operating on behalf of its wholesale members. Founded in 1984 by five frozen food wholesale distribution companies, it has grown from a collective turnover of £7m in 1984 to £650.5m in 2016.

Joining Landmark Wholesale marks the end to a very successful year for Fairway Foodservice, having welcomed two new members and recorded record sales at its two Meet the Member events.

“Fairway Foodservice works exclusively for its members and is always looking for ways to improve and add benefits,” said Chris Binge, Fairway Foodservice managing director (pictured above). “Landmark Wholesale is well known in the sector for the fantastic support it offers its members, so we look forward to working with them to drive our members’ businesses forward.”

“Both companies agree that maintaining competitiveness in the changing landscape of food wholesaling is important and there are mutual benefits to be achieved from the collective knowledge, experience and skills of the two management teams working closely together,” he continued. “The benefits of this collaboration will enable both groups to use scale to share best practice and to improve efficiencies.”

John Mills, Landmark Wholesale managing director agreed: “Fairway Foodservice is a professionally run buying group with an excellent reputation. It will complement our continued strategy for building a strong catering and foodservice proposition for independent foodservice wholesalers and we are delighted to welcome them to the Landmark Wholesale family.”

For more information on Fairway Foodservice, follow the group on Twitter @fairwayfood or visit

Landmark Wholesale brings home the bacon

Perfect for a range of tasty menus from the classic bacon sandwich to Hunters chicken, Caterers Kitchen bacon is a must-have for caterers wanting to provide their customers with quality produce.

“Caterers Kitchen rindless back bacon is both great value and competitively priced complete with a fully audited supply chain, so caterers can rest assured that their customers are receiving nothing short of the best,” commented Les Mohammed, Foodservice Trading Controller, Landmark Wholesale. “We have worked with our suppliers to ensure we consistently offer a top-quality product to our caterers.”

Caterers Kitchen rindless back bacon is available exclusively from Landmark Wholesale depots. To find your local depot, please visit:

Caterers urged to warm up their offering

As the colder months set in, Landmark Wholesale is encouraging caterers to stock up on its range of warming Caterers Kitchen soups.

The range is made up of firm family favourites such as chicken, leek, minestrone, mushroom, tomato and vegetable and all are MSG free and meet salt guidelines. All flavours are available in 2.25kg packs, making between 140 and 180 portions.

“Caterers can expect to make a minimum 90% gross profit on this range which offers fantastic value for money and a high-margin opportunity for those wanting to offer customers delicious winter warmers now the temperatures have dropped,” said Les Mohammed, Foodservice Trading Controller, Landmark Wholesale. “We developed the range to include all the tried-and-tested crowd pleasing flavours to make sure that caterers have a variety of options as we head into the festive period.”

Caterers Kitchen soups are available exclusively from Landmark Wholesale foodservice member depots. For more information or to find your local depot, view Our Members

Caterers encouraged to ready their kitchens in time for winter

Landmark Wholesale is urging caterers to ensure that its range of stocks and gravies form an essential part of their kitchen as the colder months set in.

Available exclusively from Landmark Wholesale members supplying Caterers Kitchen, the range comprises essentials such as Caterers Kitchen fine gravy granules and beef, chicken and vegetable bouillon pastes and powders, forming a fundamental base of any wintery menu.

“Our range of stocks and gravies form an essential basis for any caterer’s shopping list,” commented Les Mohammed, foodservice trading controller at Landmark Wholesale. “Both 100% allergen free and MSG free, this ranges offers fantastic value for money. We’ve developed it with caterers in mind, to ensure that they’re well covered as we head into the colder seasons.”

Caterers Kitchen stocks and gravies are available exclusively from Landmark Wholesale foodservice member depots. For more information or to find your local depot, view Our Members

Landmark Wholesale’s gift that keeps giving this Christmas

Retailers can pack a festive punch when they take advantage of the latest promotion from Landmark Wholesale.

Packed full of the big brands for the festive period including Bisto, Gordon’s Gin, Pringles, Doritos, Carling, Strongbow, Nescafe, Smirnoff and Schweppes, All You Need for Christmas from Landmark Wholesale encourages retailers to stock up in time for the festive period. Every featured product is proven to be a bestseller, and Landmark Wholesale has negotiated a promotional deal across all 12 products.

As an added bonus, Lifestyle Express retailers who stock all 12 SKUs can earn an additional £30 Cash Back.

“This promotion promises to deliver an early Christmas present to retailers,” said Jon Burton, Landmark Wholesale senior trading controller. “Our sales insight and data has shown that these are 12 of our most popular products and these are perfect SKUs to include in our festive promotion. It’s only available for three weeks, so we’d encourage our retailers to stock up now and reap the benefits in the lead up to Christmas.”

The promotion, which runs from 13 November–3 December 2017, is available exclusively through Landmark Wholesale member depots.

For more information please contact your local Landmark Wholesale member depot, or find your nearest depot here.

Landmark Wholesale delights with new sweet range

Landmark Wholesale is pleased to announce the launch of four tasty additions to its range of confectionery products, supplied by Kervan Gida UK Ltd.

Retailers are encouraged to stock up on the highly anticipated new flavours, which are sure to delight end consumers. The products are available now exclusively at Landmark Wholesale member depots.

Produced in a Halal accredited site, the new flavours in the range comprise Water Melon, Clear Cherry, Fizzy Bubble Gum Bottles and Teeth/Lips. With a retail price of 5p per sweet, the products also incorporate a new and more impactful label design to enable them to stand out to consumers.

Paul Simpson, Commercial Director at Kervan Gida UK Ltd commented, “We are delighted with the new products available. We have developed the new flavours with the end consumer in mind, and we’re confident customers and retailers alike will be pleased with the new range. We were keen to improve our shelf stand out and the new modern branding helps us to do just this.”

Jon Burton, Senior Trading Controller at Landmark Wholesale, commented: “We’re delighted to partner with Kervan Gida UK on this new range of sweets. Sugar confectionery is a high margin opportunity area with loads of innovation and impulse purchase opportunities.”

Kervan Gida has a global turnover of over £80m and operates in 70 countries. In the UK, it is one of the fastest growing confectionery manufacturers and the company counts major brands such as Bebeto and Dexters within its portfolio.

For more information about Kervan Gida UK Ltd., please visit To find your nearest Landmark Wholesale member depot, visit Our Members